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5 Renewal Email Templates with Tips by Wordstir

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Feb 09, 2023Updated: Feb 10, 2023
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It is essential for businesses with subscription-based models and recurring payments to elaborate upon long-term customer relationships. To increase customer loyalty, you need effective email renewal reminders to knock on your customers’ email doors and get access. But how to ensure successful email deliverability and click-through rate? 


We prepared 5 renewal email templates to make your subscribers willing to renew their membership. And, of course, there are eye-catching email subject lines below for membership renewal letters that appeal to your audience. 


Note: These single templates are rather your source of inspiration since they are not efficient as the one-off event. They work best in the form of an email cadence. 


In this article you'll find out:

  • Introduction to renewal email templates and tips for effective email campaigns for businesses with subscription-based models
  • 5 renewal email templates with eye-catching subject lines
  • Best practices for effective renewal emails, including keeping emails under 250 words
  • Examples of poor email design and how to avoid them, including avoiding spam words and providing compelling CTAs
  • Emphasis on the importance of personalized and tailored emails for better results, with template examples provided.

How to make renewal email templates effective? Tips 


  1. Long scrolling messages overload the reader. Stick to email pieces under 250 words. They have a response rate of over 50%. Avoid excessive language and stuffing with too much info about yourself. Focus more on customers’ pain points and how renewal can improve their lives. Add some perks, and voila!
  2.  Poorly designed emails lacking clear CTAs are bound to fail. Ensure that your text is well-structured, straight to the point, and easily scannable for the reader. In the ocean of daily emails, you need to be a big fish to be hooked by your customer.  Don’t forget to include compelling CTA leading recipients to their purchase decisions. 
  3. The renewal email campaign is geared toward consistent and smooth reaching out. Make your special offers personalized and tailored to your customers’ needs.
  4.  Providing recipients with perks will bring you more chances to proceed with further interaction with them. Nurture your customers as your partners who greatly contribute to your business growth.
  5. Spam words destroy your subject lines. They are mostly the reason why your emails land in your recipients’ spam boxes. To avoid being caught in spam traps, thoroughly assess your email spam-proof quality. AI-powered solutions can significantly increase your email deliverability.


Renewal email subject line examples


  • The timer’s going off - click to renew your membership
  • Abra-cord-abra! 25% discount (if you renew the plan NOW)
  • 7 days left before the automatic renewal
  • Grab these perks before your subscription expires!
  • Renew NOW and get your rewards!
  • Just a reminder: Your account renews this week
  • Renew your subscription and take $10 OFF of the regular price. 

5 renewal email templates: feel free to use them 


Most businesses are assured of the 100% effectiveness of sending only one renewal email (according to the template they found on the internet). They truly hope to get a massive reply rate. The following renewal email examples are not your silver bullet. Personalized and tailored renewal emails based on the specific industry will yield better results. 


Template #1: Reminder X days before the subscription expiration

Hello [Name]


We appreciate your participation in our [Company] community. It's been ten months since you joined, isn’t it great? We hope you managed to reap the full rewards of your [Company] membership.


Hot news! We're running a one-time early renewal offer for our lovely members on the occasion of our company growth. Renew your membership within [number] days to receive [offer details]. 




Please contact us at [email] or [phone] if you have any inquiries or suggestions so that we can see how we may satisfy your needs. Your feedback is much appreciated!


Kind regards,

[Your Signature]


Template #2: Follow-up email after an expired membership


Hi there



Uh-oh. We noticed that your [Company] membership expired on [date]. 


If you are still hesitating about whether to renew your membership or not, let us help you make a decision.


Here is the list of membership benefits:


[benefit 1]

[benefit 2]

[benefit 3]


Looks appetizing, isn’t it? Just click [here] to keep up cooperation with us.


If you still have questions, feel free to reach out via [email] or [phone number]. 


We are happy to have you back!

[Your Signature] 


Template #3: Reminder of the trial period coming to an end


Hello [Name]


We hope you have enjoyed our [product/service] so far. Your trial [week/month] is due to expire. So we’d like to follow up with you to clarify the next steps. 


You may promptly purchase a plan directly from this letter [link] if you want to keep using our [product/service]. The plan starts from [$X]. Check out all the plans available here [link]. I am pleased to create an account for you tailored to your needs. You can benefit greatly from the wide variety of features in our [product/service]. 


Hesitate? Just drop us a line to discuss all the concerns you have. 

Follow this [link] to set up a call.


Have a nice day!


P.S. For loyal customers, we have very attractive bonuses. 


[Your Signature]


Template #4: Benefits-oriented renewal offer


Hi [Name]


We appreciate you being our customer and hope we managed to meet your requirements. Since your subscription ends, we want you to continue leveraging [our product/features/ service].


By renewing your membership by [date], you will be rewarded with such perks of [Company's membership], including:


[Membership perk 1]

[Membership perk 2]

[Membership perk 3]


There are only [number] days left. Get your opportunity to reap the benefits with one click [link].  


Thank you for being with us,
[Your Signature]


Template #5: Special offer for a loyal member


Hi [Name]


We noticed that you had been satisfied with the benefits of your [Company] membership this year. We have a special offer for you as a loyal member. Interested?


Receive [% number] OFF of the regular price by renewing your membership by [date]. 




If you are not interested in the special offer, your membership will be renewed automatically at the regular price on [date].


Please feel free to get in touch with our support staff at [link] if there is any problem we can assist with.


Take care!

[Your Signature]


Final word


It may seem that crafting a renewal email template requires a little effort, however, to achieve real results, you need to personalize your message and adapt it to the needs of your target audience. Moreover, incorporated in the sequence, renewal emails can be just a part of your holistic email strategy, allowing you to build strong relations with your prospects instead of just selling the product or service.


If you need qualified assistance for your business, let us know—our industry-tailored experts are always willing to facilitate your business growth. 


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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

How to make renewal email templates effective? Tips 

Renewal email subject line examples

5 renewal email templates: feel free to use them 

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