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Wordstir is a boutique agency created by seasoned SDR's. We specialize in writing cold email templates and their sequences for B2B teams to help them scale their outbound campaigns.







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Our Writers

  • Kirill Potapkin

    Kirill Potapkin

    7 years of experience

    Head of E-mail
    writing Department

  • Tetiana Voitseshchuk

    Tetiana Voitseshchuk

    5 years of experience

    Deputy manager of
    E-mail writing Department

  • Artem Vasylenko

    Artem Vasylenko

    5 years of experience

    E-mail writing Team Lead

  • Yevhenia Gacek

    Yevhenia Gacek

    5 years of experience

    E-mail writing Team Lead

  • Nastia Bugrim

    Nastia Bugrim

    4 years of experience

    E-mail writing Team Lead

  • Juliia Alsachit

    Juliia Alsachit

    4 years of experience

    E-mail writer

  • Artem Semkov

    Artem Semkov

    4 years of experience

    E-mail writer

  • Anastasiia Tarnavska

    Anastasiia Tarnavska

    3 years of experience

    E-mail writer

  • Sergiy Remezov

    Sergiy Remezov

    3 years of experience

    E-mail writer

No more Low
Open rates

It’s really devastating when you spend a lot of time on some intriguing or catchy subject lines, but your prospects just don't open your email. We know how to fix it.

No more thinking
about what to write
to your prospects

We know, when you are staring at an empty page and think: “Where to begin with?” or“How to be different among dozens of other emails?”. Don’t worry, we know what to do.

We know
about your pain

Make an outreach predictable with the
strategic approach

There is no “magic” email that will convert your prospects into sales. Personalized email sequences are what really give you consistent and predictable revenue. And we are the only agency in the world that does it.

No more Low
Reply rates

You can have good-looking open rates but a poor structured email body with no lead to action CTA. We know how to write emails that inspire prospects to act.

Here is why you going to
feel relief with us

SPAM words cross-checked
It will help you increase deliverability

The library of best practices and effective email sequence approaches for 1,000 companies. From subject lines

We provide multiple levels of production, from strategy mapping, research, writing, and reviewing to revisions implementation

Trained and experienced writers with 5+ years of experience

It was a pleasure
to create emails for them

We are excited to help you as well

Cold email templates that made a difference

Here is what clients say about our emails

We will also ask you about feedback after deliver your order

  • Richard C.
    Richard C.

    Head of Sales


    Thank you guys for the high quality and speed. You've done a great job! I'm glad that you reached me out and we have been working for several months so far.

  • Brian H.
    Brian H.

    Sr. Sales Executive


    Fantastic customer service! Open rates that we have with your emails are outstanding. You are exactly what I needed to for my outbound channel. Thank you!

  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G.

    PMM at Leadsforce


    It is indeed crucial to have emails that are tailored to your ICP and with a beforehand defined strategy. With Wordstir agency, you get experience, professionalism, and creativity. Highly recommend!

  • Daniel Alexander V.
    Daniel Alexander V.

    Director of Growth


    The best writers I have ever worked with! Open rates and reply rates are the best confirmations. We reached our most ambitious goals. Thanks to your creativity and strategic vision.

  • Sandra S.
    Sandra S.

    PR Director


    I have no hesitation in recommending you as a highly experienced and professional team. Your management of my projects was exemplary, with thorough and detailed attitude.

  • Nataliia B.
    Nataliia B.

    Marketing Manager


    Our SDR team are finally happy. I really appreciate the work you've done. At first we didn't get the point, but the results speak for themselves. I recommend your services wholeheartedly.

Our tailored emails approach for different types of campaigns

Set up new appointment online

Set up Face-to-face appointment

Collect a Feedback/User Interview

Webinar Attendees Invitation

Trial/Pilot Registration Campaign

Nurtuing Sequence

Our primary goal is to help you engage and convert real customers through compelling sales emails. Our writers will carefully examine your target industry, ideal customer profile, and overall positioning before preparing a cadence that speaks to your desired audience and delivers the best possible CTR and ROI.

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We create the best objective based email sequences to help you hit your sales targets

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