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Customized Webinar Invitation Email Templates. With Guide

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Jan 30, 2023Updated: Feb 09, 2023
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Crafting a compelling webinar invitation can seem simple at first glance. Yes, when there is no well-elaborated strategy for your email campaign, and a webinar invitation is just a one-time event. But you might want not just to drive registrations but build a solid audience around your product, right? So how to generate high-converting webinar invites?


Once you determine the accurate goal of hosting a webinar: (1) build authority, (2) engage the audience (3) enhance brand awareness (4) or maybe all these) proceed with composing the email copy. We prepared best practices for creating webinar email invites and recommendations on making them unique and customizable to boost your email response rates. Note: If you are aware of how to craft effective webinar email invitations, just jump right to the ready-to-made webinar invitation email samples tailored for various purposes.


In this article you'll find out:

  • A comprehensive guide to crafting customized webinar invitation emails.
  • Best practices for high-converting webinar invitations.
  • Tips for effective subject lines, time and date, purpose and agenda, benefits, FOMO approach, and calls to action.
  • Examples of webinar invitation subject lines.
  • A brief guide to building a holistic email sequence for webinar invitations, with increased open rates by almost 50%.

How to Craft Customized Webinar Invitation Email: Tips (Briefly!) 


Apart from the subject line, an effective webinar email should encompass the following connected pieces of information:

  • Title
  • Data, time, duration
  • Event’s purpose
  • Agenda items
  • Webinar participants and hosts
  • The value and outcomes
  • Call to action for registration
  • Professional email signature


Based on these elements, let’s go through the tips on how to write engaging webinar invitation emails and accelerate your email outbound strategy. 


Tip #1 : Come up with an appealing subject line


Firstly, your subject line should be target-oriented, which ensures that the right emails go to the right person. So that break your email recipients into smaller groups based on their interests, preferences, demographics, etc. By the way, segmented email campaigns foster revenue generation by 760%. Fantastic!


Considering that people tend to open emails on their phones, take the length into consideration. Aim for a short and concise subject line containing 7-8 words. Season it with your creativity to make it a zest. 


Tip #2: Indicate the time and date


These two items are the foremost aspects you must cover in the email body. Also, you can add such details as how long the webinar will be run. When setting the invitation time, keep in mind different time zones to avoid discrepancies. Make sending of the invitation at least 1-2 weeks beforehand. 


Tip #3: Outline the purpose and agenda


Stating a clear and concise goal of the event will provide potential attendees with reference points. Regardless of what complexity the webinar will be, stick to 1-2 sentences. Afterward, it is essential to include brief agenda items without going into great depth, covering the topics that are going to be discussed. 


Tip #5: Be benefit-oriented


Apart from basic webinar info, provide the prospects with a precise explanation of the benefits this webinar will bring them in the first lines of copy. How you formulate your intent will impact the decision-making of your prospects or leads. Thus, instead of talking about yourself and your strengths, transform the message from the recipients’ perspective (exactly how this webinar will help them solve their pain points!) 


For instance, feel the difference:


We will talk about how business leaders increased their return on investments in the retail industry.

V  Learn straight from the business leaders how to increase your return on investment in your industry.   


Tip #6: Apply the FOMO approach


It’s not obligatory to use the fear of missing out (FOMO) method to create the value your webinar is going to deliver. But sometimes, FOMO can be a good driver for registration rates to increase. Combine this approach with persuasive and personalized subject lines to double the chances of your recipients’ participation. 


Tip #7: Finalize with different CTAs


The final stroke is to wrap up the invitation email by providing your branding signature and straight-to-the-point CTA that doesn’t leave room for confusion. Test your call to action to understand what triggers your audience the best. For example, you can make it:


  • in the form of a question [Will you attend? YES/NO button]
  • straightforward by simply indicating [reply YES with the link]
  • customizable and tailored to each target audience [Save my seat, Register Now!]

Webinar invitation subject lines examples 


  • A private invitation for [Name]
  • Your spot [Webinar name]
  • [Name], don’t miss out on the webinar
  • You’re invited: Best [Webinar Name] 
  • Join us for [Webinar Name] this week
  • Mark your calendar for [Webinar Name]
  • Seat on [Webinar name] selling as hotcakes: Don’t miss out!
  • Almost sold out: Join our [Webinar name]
  • Last day to join our webinar
  • Reserve your seat for [Webinar name]
  • [Webinar topic] within [number of days] for [Company name]


How to Make Webinar Invitation Emails Even More Effective? Wordstir Brief Guide.


Creating the webinar invite email is just part of the cold email strategy. To take the best out of the webinar invitations, you must build a holistic email sequence that will be customized and tailored to your specific audience. 


NOTE: We adhere to 3-5-wave length emails for webinar invitation purposes; however, you have to adjust your sequence according to the type and goal of your email campaign. 


The structure of the webinar invitation emails sequence

  1. Webinar first invitation email


In the first kick-off invitation email, it is recommended to provide a prospect with the details of the event covering the benefits but in the way how they can be beneficial to recipients. Therefore, it is essential to research your target audience's pain points and adapt the solutions according to their particular needs. Also, consider including such tricks in the emails:


  • Start with a question relating to the recipient’s issue and the resolution.

[Do you know that 74% of employees’ burnout is affected by tedious and repetitive tasks that automated workflows can significantly optimize?]

  • Equip the recipient with all the details regarding the benefits they can get very briefly.

[This is a great chance to learn how you can leverage task management tools to streamline workflows and sync up communication between all the members in your company]


  • Incorporate a referral approach.

[I’m looking for the best person who will be interested in reinforcing your current workload in the company with AI-driven solutions. Will it be you or {{Referral Name}}?]


WORDSTIR TIP: Mention the names of other prominent participants who are also involved in the prospect’s industry to arouse more appetite. 


  1. Webinar reminder email. This quick follow-up serves as a reminder of the previous messages. Also, you can add some more details about the agenda.


  1. Closing-up email. One more follow-up with the recipient where you remind them of the last chance to join the webinar. Add the final touch by focusing on the value and personalizing a CTA. You can also experiment with offering alternative variants for your prospect/lead in case they certainly won’t be able to participate in the webinar. For instance, offer a quick call to answer their hot questions.

WORDSTIR TIP: Equip yourself with several buffer options in case your certain email can’t hit the target. 


  1. Post-webinar follow-up. If your recipients missed the webinar, follow up with them by offering a webinar record or setting up a quick call. There are two options of outreach in this case: (1) for those who participated in the webinar, and (2) those who didn’t.

WORDSTIR TIP: Applying a hook like a webinar teaser is a good idea to provoke recipients’ interest.



Best webinar invite emails: Templates that convert


Above we’ve shared both general and customized recommendations on how to enhance your efforts while crafting a webinar invitation copy. According to Wordstir guidelines, we created the sequence you might be interested in. 


Template 1: Kick-off the sequence


Subject line A: Your spot at {WebinarName} - On-device recognition - a game-changer in retail execution

Subject line B {Company Name} at {Webinar Name}


Hi {FirstName},


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a glimpse behind the scenes and learn how Nestle, Henkel, and PepsiCo use Image Recognition to increase retail audit accuracy by 90%?


If so, I’ve got great news for you.

During our next webinar on [date/time/day], [Expert Name] will share REAL case studies showing how the top CPG brands use IR to boost ROI, eliminate cost/manual work and increase retail audit accuracy by 90% with IR.


Reply “YES” to this email to get your invitation.


See you soon,


Template 2: Quick follow-up




Just a quick reminder about your invitation to {WebinarName}.


The webinar’s topic was chosen based on the Linkedin poll for retail business owners like {Company}. 


If using Image Recognition is what your competitors are interested in right now - why miss the hype?


Please, respond to this email to get your invitation.






Template 3: Big names make big deals happen


Subject Line: Request for {FullName} at {Company Name}


Hi {FirstName},


During our webinar on [Date], we will be sharing real case studies and stories on how Henkel, PepsiCo, and Nestle use image recognition  - do you have anything in mind you'd like us to highlight? What do you find most challenging about Image Recognition?


Please, let me know, and we'll include it as a topic of our discussion. 


Your help would be greatly appreciated,




P.S. We’ve already booked a seat for you. Let us know if you are interested in attending and we’ll send you an invite.


Template 4: Final closing-up


Subject line A: Webinar Calendar Invite

Subject line B: Pending invitation for {FullName}
Subject line C: Any updates on the invite, {FirstName}?


Hi {FirstName},


We’re finishing up our venue map, event program, and seating arrangements and couldn’t help but reach out again to see if you’ve considered accepting your invitation to our webinar - {WebinarName}.


This is your chance to learn how PepsiCo, Henkel, Nestle, and more use image recognition as well as to dive deep into how on-device recognition is changing the retail realm. You’ll also be able to ask any questions about implementing IR for {Company}.


We’d love for you to join us, {FirstName}, so don’t miss your chance to claim your reserved spot. Simply reply “YES” to this email to get your invitation.


Hope to see you soon,




Template 5 (After the webinar): For non-attendees


Wave 1 


Subject line A: We missed you at our Webinar on IR for retail


Hi {FirstName},


Thanks for your interest in our webinar on On-device recognition - a game-changer in retail execution!


Perhaps, the timing was off, and you couldn’t join us. We would nonetheless love to find a more appropriate time to show you the IR capabilities for retail brands like {Company}, share our success stories with Henkel and Nestle, and answer any questions you have.


Would next {Day +2} at 2 PM work for a call?






Wave 2 - Same thread




Did you have a chance to review my previous email?






Wave 3


Subject line B: Sorry you couldn't make it, {FirstName}


Hi {FirstName},


I am sorry you couldn’t attend my webinar on IR for retail back on {Date}. So I’d like to connect personally and cover the following topics:


  • Why is on-device recognition acts as a game-changer in retail execution;
  • How the top CPG brands use IR in their daily routine;
  • Retail audit efficiency: shelf-picture, recognition in the cloud, real-time results;
  • Any questions you have about IR in general or using IR for {Company}.


Would you be interested in accessing a recording of a webinar or/and connecting over a call?






P.S. I am now actively working on my next webinar - are there any topics/questions you’d like me to cover?


Template 6 (After the webinar): For attendees


Wave 1 


Subject Line A: Thought you’d find this interesting, {FirstName}

Subject Line B: Need your feedback on my webinar on IR for retail


Hi {FirstName},


Thanks for attending my webinar on On-device recognition - a game-changer in retail execution

 - did you find it interesting? 


I’ve been thinking about connecting with you over a call to answer any questions on using IR for {Company} or diving deeper into IR for retail in general.


Let me know if you are interested.




Wave 2 - Same thread




Would love to learn more about your IR strategy for retail. 


Do you have time on {2 days from now} to discuss my previous offer?






Wave 3


Subject Line: Need insights on using IR for {Company}?

Subject Line: {FirstName} {LastName} + {Sender}, Thursday, 2 PM


Hi {FirstName},


I’d like to offer you to connect one last time. You’ve visited our webinar on image recognition for retail brands, and I’ve thought you might have questions on using IR for {Company} or IR in general.


If that sounds relevant - how about a quick call on {2 days from now} at 3 PM?






P.S. I am now actively working on my next webinar - are there any topics/questions you’d like me to cover?



Enrich your webinar invitation email


Sending a one-time webinar invitation has to be just a part of your full-fledged webinar sales funnel. To acquire qualified leads and establish solid brand awareness, you need to develop a tailored email sequence with follow-ups. Incorporate our webinar invitation examples into your email cadence to foster email deliverability. If you need a personalized approach to building your email sequence, feel free to contact our email content experts.

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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

How to Craft Customized Webinar Invitation Email: Tips (Briefly!)

How to Make Webinar Invitation Emails Even More Effective? Wordstir Brief Guide

Best webinar invite emails: Templates that convert

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