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Set Up More Appointments with These Cold Email Templates for Digital Marketing

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Feb 09, 2023Updated: Feb 10, 2023
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The rising number of consumers across digital channels and shifting buying patterns toward online and personalization are the core drivers of the global digital market expansion. Yeah, this industry has been gaining momentum and to strive in this highly competitive landscape, businesses need to permanently acquire new approaches and methods toward client acquisition. 


The global digital marketing agency market size was valued at $4233.29 million in 2021 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 14.32% during the forecast period, reaching $9449.52 million by 2027.


In this article, we will share insights and tips on how to promote your digital marketing agency via cold emailing. During our cooperation with the clients from this niche, we elaborated upon our own approaches that helped our clients receive up to 55% of open rates. Read on to get comprehensive advice on how to stand out from the crowd (tailored email templates included).


In this article you'll find out:

  • Introduction to cold email templates for digital marketing promotion
  • Importance of personalization and relevance in cold emails
  • Tips for making effective cold email templates
  • Approaches to use in cold emails for pitching digital marketing services

How to make effective cold email templates for digital marketing promotion?


While crafting the strategy for cold emailing, it is essential to involve creative thinking and base your templates around numbers. 


  • Personalize your value proposition in accordance with the industry you target. Let’s compare the value proposition targeting packaging businesses and pharmaceuticals to see how it is important to make your outreach relevant and resonate with different types of audiences:




We specialize in transforming unboxing experiences for our D2C clients to help increase activation and retain their best customers – we recently transformed {{Product Name}} food allergy protection product for kids, and {{Product Name}} pink pineapple, which was featured on {{Media 1}}, {{Media 2}}, {{Media 3}}. 




At {{Company}}, we’re most passionate about taking on difficult challenges. Our work in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and telehealth industries has helped improve access to vital healthcare essentials, and we’d love to discuss how we could do the same for {{Company}}.


Wordstir Note: The determinant factor of the effectiveness while crafting cold email marketing templates is creative approach digital marketing agencies apply in their activities. Your cold email has to include the same level of your creativity and novelty as you do with your clients. Imagine the ultimate result of your possible cooperation with the prospect. 


  • Include digital marketing portfolio projects in your email.  Since this industry is visual, it will be always pertinently to showcase a relevant collection of works or case studies and shape a call to action (CTA) around it. For instance: 


I’d love to send a quick deck that shows how we turn the boldest ideas into brand experiences. Would you like to take a look?

Use popular digital marketing jargon like “disruptive”, “forward-thinking”, “gravitational pull”, “pioneering”, “digital landscape”, “brand consistency”, etc. Digital marketing powered by tech and driven by data revolutionizes the way how we perceive and consume the information. Thus, the terms you use in your outreach have to convey the same intent you use for promotion of your clients’ businesses.


What approaches to use in cold emails for pitching your digital marketing services?


As we mentioned before, value proposition has to be your pillar #1 in email; however, since there are different industries you might want to target, it must be modified accordingly. We, at Wordstir, outlined the best-performing approaches that yield high outcomes. So let’s consider them:


Referral + Case Study


If you have cases that have relevance to your target audience, use this approach to build trust and provide solid social proof. In combination with a referral approach aiming at asking the prospect about the colleague or any appropriate person who’d be more interested in your request, this “duo” campaign type may turn out to be pretty much effective.  




Wave 1

Subject line A: Should I contact you or {{Referral_Name}}?

Subject line B: advertising strategy for {{Company}}

Hi {{FirstName}},

Happy {{today}}! I am hoping to connect with a person in charge of digital advertising strategy at {{Company}} - is it you or {{Referral_Name}}?

Brands similar to {{Company}} achieved double-digit growth, strengthened social media presence at every touchpoint, and boosted revenue between 23% and 44%, resulting in their media efficiency improvement.

Would you or {{ReferralName}} be interested in discussing this further next Tuesday or Wednesday?



Face-to-face/Fake F2F


F2F campaign may vary: you can represent yourself as a company looking for partners in the specific location of the prospect, or mention that you are going to their city purposely to discuss the potential collaboration. The third scenario is to offer the online call prior to the F2F meeting. 



Wave 1 

Subject line A: available for a meeting?

Subject line B: coffee in {{City}}, {{FirstName}}?

Hi {{FirstName}},

Just like {{Company}}, {{Company}} operates in Colorado, and we put emphasis on local partnerships.

We specialize in assisting restoration companies similar to {{Company}}. Among our clients are {{Company}}, that saw improvements including +16 new clients a month, 10X ROI, and 20X new leads daily.

I could stop by your office or host a drink at a coffee place nearby. How about next Tuesday at 12 PM?





The aim of this approach is to set up the connection with the prospect by learning about the prospect’s goals and needs and exploring cooperation opportunities. Use this unique approach to offer partnership to companies that are not larger than yours. 



Wave 1 

Subject line A: You or {{Referral name}}

Subject line B: Digital advertising helping hand for {{Company}}

Greetings {{First Name}},

I'm searching for the right person who is responsible for digital advertising at {{Company}} and how I might contact them for partnership purposes?

{{Company}} can provide your clients with exceptional services by implementing our automated, programmatic & data-centric media buying solutions and use it as a helping hand.

We’ve already partnered with {{Company 1}}, {{Company 2}}, {{Company 3}}, and other agencies to help them with digital advertising for their clients and are willing to start a conversation with {{Company}}.

Care to learn more?



Wrap Up


The main goal of marketing is client acquisition; therefore, your value proposition must be tailored accordingly. For digital marketing industry being saturated and competitive, it is of high importance to select the appropriate approach and customize your offer in accordance with your target audience. Insert relevant case studies that have to be the main drivers in your outreach. If you need a holistic email sequence with follow-ups, contact us - our industry-specific email writers will help you define the right ideal customer profile (ICP) and adapt your offering in a way it resonates with your prospects. 



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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

How to make effective cold email templates for digital marketing promotion?

What approaches to use in cold emails for pitching your digital marketing services?

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