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4 Free Trial Email Templates: Easy Start with Cold Emails

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Jan 30, 2023Updated: Feb 09, 2023
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To start delving into the topic, firstly, we’d like to highlight the difference between traditional free trial emails and free trial invitations via cold emailing. People tend to think that free trial emails are sent only in case users have already expressed interest in their brand with the intent to incentivize the purchase of their new product or service. In this case, it refers to leads, not prospects. In our article, we’re going to unleash soft approaches toward cold outreach to prospects via free trial email invitations without being salesy or pushy. In contrast, emails used for free trials can be an implicit way to offer your new product/service/platform or consulting. There are different use cases and scenarios you can select for your unique industry and according to your particular business goal. So let’s go!

In this article you'll find out:

  • Using free trial email templates in cold email marketing campaigns.
  • Users' feedback on SaaS products' closed beta launches to improve product development and verify product viability.
  • Collecting usability feedback from thought leaders and advisors while demonstrating the product and proving the company's reliability.
  • Tips on making free trial emails more effective, such as using accurate subject lines, applying a referral approach, conducting research, and creating urgency

Why do you need a free trial email sequence? Scenarios 


According to our clients’ requests, we have deeply evaluated their goals and outlined the main scenarios of applying free trial email invitations into cold email marketing campaigns. We recommend using free trial email templates in order to:


  1. Offer consulting services, insights, and assessment of the prospect’s business processes on a free basis. 


For instance, if your company delivers services relating to marketing or consulting in eCommerce, with such an email cadence, you can refer to the prospects from your related niche by offering a complimentary evaluation of their eCommerce initiatives. This will be served as a proposal to help optimize your prospects’ business processes and enhance their business growth. If it is reverberated by your prospect, the chance of moving forward with more sophisticated models of cooperation will be higher than ever. 


For whom: consulting services, marketing companies, evaluation, and assessment businesses, etc. 


  1. Collect users’ feedback on your SaaS product's closed beta launch. 


This approach is geared toward attracting early customers who get the chance to try out your new product (MVP or beta) in turn for their feedback which will be valuable for further product development and enhancement. Moreover, with this method, you are able to verify your product viability. So what benefits can these scenarios bring to you? 


  • Additionally to your internal quality assurance (QA) experts’ opinion, you will get a fresh vision of the product in a more targeted manner.
  • Feedback from your target audience can significantly accelerate your product position.
  • Free trial via cold email outreach will be served as an email marketing channel of promotion.  

For whom: Saas products, MVP, software dev companies, business startups.

  • Collect usability feedback from thought leaders/advisors while demonstrating the product via a demo call or offering a free trial. 


When you do this type of email campaign, you have to be focused on the input your prospect can make while sharing his feedback on your product after using the free trial opportunity. It’s a wonderful way to get related opinions on your product to make it better and to prove yourself as a reliable and trustworthy source of interest. 

For whom: businesses with new product launches.


NOTE: It is important to research your prospect preferences and needs beforehand so that you will be more likely to hit the target while making the outreach via a free trial.


Each industry has its specific target audience and requires appropriate approaches toward cold email outreach. While in one email, you need to be benefit-oriented, in another one - the main purpose of the message may be highlighting your successful cases, which relate to your prospect’s industry. Nevertheless, it is essential to personalize the emails and create a holistic email cadence that can significantly increase email open rates.



How to make free trial emails more solid? 


  1. Subject lines have to be accurate and target-oriented. 
  2. Do not focus on selling your product. Prospects are personas that need first “smell and taste” you and your business before deciding to move further down your funnel.
  3. Apply a referral approach to increase your chances of being noticed by an appropriate person who will likely be more interested in your mutual cooperation.
  4. Include top-notch players on the market you were cooperating with in your free trial email outreach since big names make big sales.
  5. Conduct in-depth research before elaborating upon emails. Backed up by metrics and knowledge about your prospects' pain points and preferences, you will be on top. 
  6. Do not oversaturate your email cadence. 3-4 waves will be efficient in impacting the prospect’s mind.
  7. Create urgency by limiting the free trial link to a certain number of days. 
  8. Position your prospect as an essential opinion leader who can facilitate your product and gain benefits from your free trial as well. 

Free trial email subject lines examples 

  • [Company] missed sales opportunities
  • 7-day trial for [Company]
  • Should I speak with [Referral_Name]?
  • Creative ideas for [Company]
  • Mind being an advisor on our platform?
  • [Name], don’t miss out on the free trial
  • [Name], need your expert opinion. Check out this free trial


Template 1 - Kick-off email 


Wave 1 


Subject line: Ads not working the way you want them to? 

Subject line: {Company}’s ads

Subject line: Creative ideas for {Company}

Subject line: You or {ReferralName}?


Hi {FirstName}, 


I’ve seen many {Company} ads, so I decided to reach out and introduce you to [Product’s Name] - a marketing tool that provides a unique view of your advertisements across all platforms and delivers a high-level view of how they perform compared to each other, helping you find your best ads easily and start making more educated, strategic decisions.


[Product’s Name] can remove uncertainty while planning your ad strategy, provide greater predictability, reduce the time to make decisions, and enable you to understand and communicate the department’s performance clearly to others.


I’d love to have a quick overview session with you or {ReferralName} to set up {Company}’s 30-day complimentary trial. Would next Tuesday work? 






Template 2 - Accurate follow-up


Wave 2 - Same thread




A quick follow-up to my previous note. 


I would love to help get {Company}’s ball rolling with the complimentary 30-day trial of [Product’s Name]. How does it sound to set up your profile next Tuesday at 2 PM?






P.S. The trial also includes complimentary access to our [platform], which enables you to assess how your entire portfolio is performing across multiple channels and platforms.


Template 3 - Email backed up by success stories 


Wave 3 


Subject line A: [Product] follow-up

Subject line B: Our collaboration

Subject line C: Working with {Company}


Hi {FirstName},


Just reaching out again to see how we can help you understand the performance and factors that influence the success of {Company}’s ads.


[Product’s Name] syncs with all your ad channels and pairs dynamically with performance details for each individual ad, making it easier to figure out what's working and what's not while saving your team hours of digging through spreadsheets and maintaining data accuracy.


[Client 1], [Client 2], [Client 3] are already reaping the benefits of our platform, such as:


  • Unique & consolidated views of cross-channel ads
  • Setting & tracking of top-line KPIs
  • Customizable filters
  • Tile display
  • Order sorting
  • Searches by date & content


We would like to offer {Company} a 30-day trial. How about a virtual session tomorrow at 1 PM to set up your profile?






Template 4 - Closing-up


Wave 4 - Same thread



I know you're busy, so wanted to quickly share our recent webinar on the importance of insights for marketers, identifying trends in the ad performance to make better decisions, and improving your digital ad creative.


Check it out via the following link [LINK]


If you'd like to get a 30-day trial of [Product Name], I'm happy to connect with you 1:1 and guide you through the process.


Let me know what works best for you! 






So how to get started? 


Free trial business emails are designed to help you promote products or services and to establish partnerships with your prospects. With such first steps, you will be able to make more profound offers to them in the long run. One of the biggest bottlenecks that most businesses face is expecting immediate results. But mind that this is not a one-time email that will definitely convert. It has to be a holistic approach embracing follow-ups that are organically connected to the context.

We use a free trial email sequence to hook the attention of the prospects allowing them to try out our client's new product or platform. It’s an attractive and soft approach to cold outreach, and what’s important - it is free. Start your fruitful cooperation with market research, create a plan of how your sequence will be developed, and adhere to a personalized approach while creating your emails. Need expertized help to start your free trial email campaign? Feel free to contact our email experts, who are always willing to make your email campaigns stand out from the crowd!


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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

Why do you need a free trial email sequence? Scenarios 

How to make free trial emails more solid?

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