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Construction Email Templates That Will Bring You More Customers

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Jan 31, 2023Updated: Feb 09, 2023
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How to write cold email templates to target construction companies and make them respond? First, analyze your target audience and the mistakes that ruin deliverability and affect reply rate first. Afterward, identify the appropriate approach that will best suit your ideal customer profile (ICP). And finally, craft an email copy that will showcase your strengths that can resolve your prospects’ issues. To be certain of the effectiveness of your cold outreach for construction companies, you have to delve into the specifics of the industry and psychographics of your target persona. To better understand how to target organizations from the construction niche, we created clear-cut tips. Note: In this article, we outlined the cold email writing strategy and prepared tailored email templates targeting construction companies. Our approach below can be leveraged into email strategy for different types of businesses. If you look for customized email templates for pitching your construction service or product to any other industry, our writers can provide you with an email cadence consisting of 3-5 waves for your specific use case.

In this article you'll find out:

  • How to write effective cold email templates targeting construction companies.
  • Online communication may not be the best channel to reach construction prospects
  • 4 sample construction email templates that can be leveraged into email strategy

Tips on how to pitch your product to construction companies


       1. Put your phone number in the signature.

Due to the tight and active working modes of people in the construction industry, they are less responsive to emails. Even if you reach out to project manager titles, for example, it does not mean that these persons tend to sit in the office and permanently check their inboxes. Mostly, they are “out of the office”. Therefore, online communication is not the preferable channel to develop connections with construction prospects due to the lack of time. Thus, to facilitate your attempts to catch the prospect, indicate your phone number in the signature. Our experience shows this trick yields good results.  

       2. Follow up consistently. 

Behavioral patterns of prospects from the construction sphere somewhat differ from other industries. It relates to the building activities they engage in. In this way, it is essential to provoke the attention of your construction prospects and proceed with the further steps of outreach through consistent follow-up.

       3. Balance your tone of voice.

There is no one-size-fits-all manner of communication with prospects in the construction business. It’s important not to overboard with applying a formal tone of voice; however, we recommend sticking to the courteous way of communication and adhering to a semi-formal tone of voice.

       4. Deliver your value proposition via relevant case studies.

Before elaborating upon your value proposition, start with thorough research of the current cooperations of your prospect’s company with other businesses, their pain points, technology stack used, number of employees, etc. Then, apply your success projects briefly in the email bodies, not via links to your case studies. They must be relative and tailored to the prospect’s needs and interests. 

       5. Avoid pushy sales approaches.

This is one of the main bottlenecks of companies that struggle to sell the product directly involving their sales representatives. And know what? It doesn’t work at all. Make your outreach from the positions in your company that are in charge of business operational processes. You will get more chances to get replies.


4 Construction email templates (Custom sequence)


Template 1: Refer to the person in the company that will be more related to your product


Wave 1

SL 1: You or {{ReferralName}}?

SL 2: What energy storage do you use?


Hi {{FirstName}},


I was hoping to learn which energy storage technologies you use in {{Company}}’s construction projects - should I speak with you or {{ReferralName}}? 


Thought you’d want to know about our newly-released {{Product Name}}. It has a rated output of 120V and can easily power most appliances with a continuous power output of 3500W and peak power of up to 7000W, ensuring a 24/7 uninterruptible power supply. Once connected to both solar panels and utility power, it is fully charged in 1.3 hrs.


Would you be interested in a quick introductory talk so I can walk you through the product's advantages for your projects? Maybe next week?


Appreciate your consideration,


Template 2: Do not forget to follow up!


Wave 2 - Same thread


Hi {{FirstName}},


I thought you might have missed my previous note. How do you feel about a brief conversation so I could walk you through the advantages our solar-powered {{Product Name}}? 


Talk soon,


Template 3: Outline benefits in a way they help your prospects solve their problems


Wave 3 

SL 1: {{Company}} <> {{Company}} follow-up

SL 2: {{FirstName}}, need your assistance
SL 3: Any time slots next Thursday?




A quick recap: {{Company}} can provide {{Company}} with the necessary stability even in the conditions of a hardwire power source absence. 


The solar-powered, easy-to-use {{Product Name}} easily powers most heavy-duty domestic and outdoor appliances with a continuous power output of 3500W and can reach a peak power of 7000W. 


I just need 10 minutes of your time to describe how the product can be of use specifically to {{Company}}. Are you available next Thursday after lunch?


Talk soon,


Template 4: Proceed with another follow-up


Wave 4 - Same thread

{{FirstName}}, hope you are well.


Thought I’d try reaching out one last time since I haven’t got any feedback from you.


Have you or your team given a thought to the tech that can actually allow {{Company}} to stay powered up at all times?


It would be great to have a quick talk sometime next week. How do you feel about Wednesday?




What approach does Wordstir use to set up 10 appointments per month? 


We don’t adhere to one approach and apply it to different email campaigns since each project has its own requirements and business peculiarities. Therefore, we customize email sequences according to our client’s research data, ICP, and the industry their business operates in. 


In general, when you target construction companies, try out such creative approaches as invitations to conferences or informal events that are likely to grow new business opportunities. Let’s take an example. For local outreaches, we apply our unique approach, “Taco Tuesday”. It’s an informal event where we invite representatives from various building companies aiming to build credibility through easy and casual communication.


If you need help in creating your construction email templates and increasing the chances of setting up new qualitative appointments - fill in the form. Our writers are always willing to contribute to your business scale. 


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Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

Want to improve your reply rates and boost your sales?

Order tailored email cadence for your outbound goals

Tips on how to pitch your product to construction companies

4 Construction email templates (Custom sequence)

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